Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bodega Bay, CA

These are the kind of beaches that I like: hard to get to, rocky and not many people around. I went out for a run this morning that I thought wasn’t going to be very special, but it turned into a really nice 6-miler. Our campsite was on the bay but I knew that it wasn’t too far over the hill to the ocean. I ran over the hill and followed a single track path that went along the top of a cliff above the ocean. The air was cool and the wind off the ocean was refreshing. There were a number of wildflowers blooming and the plants were quite interesting. There were excellent views of the ocean crashing into the rocks below. While running, I spotted a path down the cliffs to a secluded beach below that the whole family would hike later. I have come to enjoy not knowing exactly where I’m going when I start on a run and then just improvising as the spirit moves. Sometimes I have to backtrack when a trail dead ends, but that is okay.

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