Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cape Lookout State Park, OR

Well, today I learned of another thing that I have to fear when I go for a run by myself in the woods. I've mentioned some of the rest of the list before:

1. Bear Attack
2. Big Cat (i.e. Mountain Lion, Cougar, or Bobcat) Attack
3. Simultaneous Bear and Big Cat attack
4. Tripping and falling over the edge of a cliff
5. Being head-butted over the edge of a chasm/abyss by a Bighorn Sheep
6. Broken Ankle
7. Torn Ligament
8. Venomous Snake Attack
9. Amorous Elk Attack

...and now, after this morning's run...

10. Escaped convicts with large weed whackers attack

This morning I was thinking of just running along the beach. But after pulling into this state park and looking at the terrain, the mountains beckoned. I figured I could finish on the beach. I started up a trail towards the lookout on Cape Lookout, about 5 miles one way. It was a nice trail through the forest that rose up to a great spot with a great view of the ocean, the beach and the birds below. On my way back, I started hearing loud noises and soon caught from behind a group of about 8 guys with large weed wackers and "Inmate" written on their t-shirts. It was difficult to get by them because I approached from behind and they couldn't hear me. I was just hoping that their release from prison was imminent and they had no reason to go crazy with the weed whacker.

I did get by them and continued down the trail and finished up with a couple miles on the beach for a total of 12 miles. Did I mention how much I love Oregon beaches instead of New Jersey beaches? There are not many people, rocks and cliffs, and lots of beach.

Wow, looking at my list above, I seem kind of paranoid. The runs are really great in spite of an occasional paranoid thought. Fears must be conquered, lest we become a quivering mess.

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