Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Washington to Montana

I did an 8-miler this morning that wasn’t supposed to be that long. I started out trying to find a route around the lake we were camping beside. I did find some roads and trails that made their way around it. I got out about 3 miles, where I was planning on turning around, and saw what I thought were some trails on the mountain that I was near. I was lured and decided to try to run up it and found a road that started up it. Before long, however, it dead-ended and I decided I did not have the time to try to summit this mountain so I found a different way down the mountain and ran back to camp.

Yesterday, I did 5 miles from the rest stop that we were at on the eastern side of Steven’s Pass in central Washington. It was a nice out and back with the snow-capped mountains in the background. Part of it was on an abandoned road and part of it was on Route 2.

The best run in the last few days was three days ago around Crescent Lake in the northern part of the Olympic peninsula in Washington. This was a beautiful lake, amazingly clear, crammed in between some sizable mountains. I had scoped out a trail that followed the edge of the lake, and decided not to try to run up any of the mountains to give my ailing posterial tibial tendon a break. I think I ended up getting 7 miles in on a mostly flat single-track trail. It was a perfect morning to run. I did have to leap over one snake that I didn’t see until I was in mid-stride.

Now, on to Glacier National Park and whatever possibilities that provides.

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