Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nashville Trail Running

Marcy on the trail in Percy Warner Park.

I was in Nashville for a family vacation last weekend and discovered a gem of a resource for the road runners and trail runners in the city. The Percy Warner and Edwin Warner Parks, on the southwest side of the city offer many miles of road and trail within 20 minutes of downtown. I had contacted the Nashville Striders running club before traveling to Nashville to find out if I could join in a group run while I was there. I had one scheduled for Saturday morning with some locals but ended up not getting into the city until Saturday night so I had to bail out on that run. 

Instead, I found my way to the parks (the two parks border each other) on Sunday morning and struck out on my own, using a park map to figure out how to get about 12 miles in. I strung together a 4.5 mile loop, starting in Percy Warner Park, with the 1 mile connector to Edwin Warner Park, a 2.5 mile loop there, back on the connector, and then finished with an additional 2.5 mile loop in Percy Warner for about 11.5 miles total.

The trails are heavily used, mostly single-track, and not very rocky or rooty (at least compared to trails around here). The terrain is hilly, with not very many flat stretches, although they are definitely just hills, not mountains. There were many other hikers and runners using the trails, along with their dogs, but when you are on the trails you feel insulated from the surrounding residential area. On Monday morning, the whole family went to the parks in the morning and my daughter and I did the 4.5 mile loop while the other three hiked the 2.5 mile loop. I went back on Tuesday morning and did both loops in the opposite direction by myself. 

I was quite happy to find this great trail resource within a 15 minute drive of the city. I enjoy going to a new area and finding the trails that they have available. It helps give some variety to the regular daily runs around home.

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